Students Success!

Flexible lesson times aimed at individual coaching rather than teaching are available whether you be a total novice or partially trained. We offer a light-hearted atmosphere and a very pleasant learning environment.

We will provide you with all the information you need to pass your test and continue driving for life. Only you can guarantee you will pass your test! But throughout all the time you are training with us we will be there to help and support you in any and every way we can. When you succeed, you may decide to go on to the Pass Plus scheme.

The DVSA have published their helpful video 'Are you ready?' for the car practical driving test on their YouTube channel.

The video includes information about the independent driving section of the test, including that candidates will only have to complete one reversing manoeuvre rather than two. However ... which manoeuvre will be selected at random by the examiner from turning in the road, reversing around a corner or reverse parking (either on the road, or into a bay).