think you can Drive?

Driving a car is an essential part of personal, family and work life for over 30 million people in the UK. We collectively drive some 2.5 billion miles each year. Enjoyable and pleasant, but also stressful and dangerous. UK Car drivers are involved in well over 100,000 crashes each year killing around 2,600 people, with 26,000 seriously injured and 250,000 slightly injured. Tens of thousands more people are taken to hospital, or treated by first aid or GPs in unreported crashes.

The driver isn't always at fault, but an ability to anticipate and cope with the mistakes and misbehaviour of other people is just as important as our own driving skills and attitudes. Everyone develops their own driving style and habits over time, often not realising (or accepting) that we can all improve!

A wide range of courses are offered, including: Simple assessment drives, Local Authority Better Driving courses, help for anxious drivers or people who have not driven for a long time, specific skills, such as towing or parking and courses for older drivers.