FAQs about Driving Lessons - Learn to Drive a Car in Bury St Edmunds   

FUN ON WHEELS UK founder, Terry Bassingthwaighte has been delivering expert driving tuition as a to Suffolk learner drivers of all ages for more than 15 years. Here’s just some of the questions this DSA Approved Driving Instructor hears frequently from people learning to drive in Suffolk – together with some of his words of wisdom.  

At this time, we also strongly advise you to read our Driving Instruction & COVID-19 FAQs »  

Getting Started - Before you contact FUN ON WHEELS UK Driving School Suffolk

What criteria must I meet before booking driving lessons?
You need to be 17 years of age and have a valid signed provisional driving licence. To be able to drive a car on the road, you also need to be able to meet the eyesight requirements of reading a car number plate from the distance of 20 metres.

How do I apply for a Provisional Driving Licence?
You can apply online at GOV.UK - Apply for your first provisional driving licence . Alternatively, you can apply by post by completing a D1 application form available from a post office.

Starting Driving Lessons with FUN ON WHEELS UK Driving School Suffolk

How many driving lessons will I need?
Everyone learns at a different pace. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) states that on average, an average person takes around 45 – 55 hours of professional tuition, combined with 20 - 25 hours of private practice before being ready to take their driving test.

Do you do intensive driving courses at FUN ON WHEELS UK?
Yes, we can offer courses of lessons over a short period of time, subject to our availability and the suitability of this way of learning with the learner driver in question. Intensive courses of driving lessons do not suit everyone, so it’s important for us to discuss things with you, to understand reasons and priorities and plan things carefully. To find out more, please give us a call »    

Can I start driving lessons with FUN ON WHEELS UK before passing my theory test?
Yes, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recommends learning the theory and practical driving at the same time, especially now that the theory test contains a hazard perception section.

What do I need to bring to my first driving lesson?
You will need to bring your valid, signed provisional driving licence to every lesson. Also, if you need glasses to meet the eyesight requirements, you will need to wear those each time you drive.

Can I have more than one driving lesson with your Bury St Edmunds driving school per week?
Yes, you can choose how often you have lessons. 
Some pupils learn quicker by having more frequent lessons than by having just one lesson a week. The choice is yours. We can discuss what will suit your requirements.

How can I pay for my driving lessons?
You can purchase driving lessons from FUN ON WHEELS UK with cash or by debt card, bank transfer or you may wish to redeem a gift voucher. All lessons must be paid in advance.
If you need to cancel a driving lesson, we require at least 48 hours’ notice, otherwise the driving lesson will be charged. (Please note: this does not include bank holidays and Sundays.)

Preparing for your Driving Theory Test

Can FUN ON WHEELS UK help me with the driving theory and hazard perception tests?
As part of your driving lessons with FUN ON WHEELS UK, you will be given FREE access to a theory test app. This is a helpful tool where you can gain valuable practice, We can review your progress and share  advice regarding source materials which you will find useful.

Can FUN ON WHEELS UK put in my application for the driving theory test?
No, you will need to make the application yourself, but we can give you the information you need to do that – please read on!

How do I apply for the Driving Theory Test?
You can apply online at GOV.UK - Book your driving theory test   or by phone or post. If you need help doing this, then we will be able to advise you.

Where can I take my Driving Theory Test?
You can check online at GOV.UK - Find a driving theory test  to find your nearest test centre.  

Booking & Taking your Practical Driving Test with FUN ON WHEELS UK  

How will I know when I'm ready to book my practical driving test?
When you have reached a level where you can carry out all the skills consistently, without prompting and are driving independently, you should be ready for your test. At this point, we will book and plan lessons up to your test date together.

Who books my practical driving test? 
When it comes to booking your test, FUN ON WHEELS UK will do this for you through our account with the DVSA. This helps prevent you from paying additional charges which you may end up paying should you arrange your test through a booking company.
The cost of the actual driving test is £62:00. 
Please note: this fee does NOT include the 2 hour FUN ON WHEELS UK driving lesson which accompanies the test.

Can I use the FUN ON WHEELS UK driving school car for the test?
Yes. We would recommend that you take the test in the car which you have been learning in. However, if you wish to take the test in your own car, that is fine as long as it meets the criteria for the driving test.

Where can I take my practical driving test?
You can find your nearest testcentre at GOV.UK - Find a practical driving test centre.

For car driving tests, FUN ON WHEELS UK uses the Bury St Edmunds Test Centre. For Towing Tests (B + E) the FUN ON WHEELS UK Trailer Towing Academy uses the Ipswich Test Centre.